Arlington Elementary Art Studio

Great questions to ask your artist:
Why did you make it?

How did you make it?

What made you think to try this?

 Where did you get the idea from?

Did you discover anything new while you were making this piece of art?

 What kind of materials are these?

Which part are you the proudest of?
Thank you to Ray's Trash for helping to make this our best year ever!!
Today is the last day of school until April 5th!!  Yippee for spring break.  I thought I'd post these Pinwheels for Peace pictures from two years ago, just because they are so beautiful and they remind me of spring!  Happy spring break everyone!!
Look at these artists!!  They are so proud of their artwork that they created to celebrate Earth Day!  Here are 560 reasons I love my job!
Two of my favorite moments today:

 Last week we began drawing with scissors like Henri Matisse as we played with collage.  I noticed a third grade student brought in a list of items he wants, such as 1000 points on his video game and fifty dollars.  I said, "It's not Christmas, so it must be your birthday soon and you made a wish list?"  

"No, he answered, I thought this would be a good idea for my next collage."  

Then, in the afternoon a 2nd grade collage artist says, "Hey, Mrs. Crosby, look at this, I was just scribblin' around with the scissors and I didn't know if it was a squirrel or a dog climbing up this tree."


    I teach art to 560 beautiful and creative K-4 children at Arlington Elementary.  My cup most definitely runneth over!!


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